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Today I Made my first-time-in-life in-class announcement 

二月 25, 2015

Today I Made my first-time-in-life in-class announcement 

Before a class of 200 students body (classroom)

I was so nervous!

It was Just a script of maybe around 5-6sentences

Provided that this was not my first giving a presentation

But just by thinking about standing in front of the whole classroom and facing all of my classmates at once….

It’s enough to freak me out

 I actually arrived 15 minutes prior to class, trying to practice the lines countless times in my head

Time went by tick and tack

I felt dizzy and had to force myself to supress the thought of escaping 

It would be easy-just walk away, and you don’t have to face all these uncomfortableness

But no…"not this time……."

This is a challenge accepted.

I want to challenge myself to become better


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