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七月 29, 2013

“..非洲的大象, 很多都運到了香港, 又轉近了日本與中國的動物園.."

dad was watching the news after the dinner, and I happened to overhear the line.

Somehow this statement recalled me of a memory from10 years ago…a memory of an elephant standing lonesomely in the vacant land that the zoo has provided them as a place to habitat


I pictured myself as the elephant,

sorrow and misery immediately flooded into my mind 


If the animals have the same emotions and feelings that we human have,

If they are not creatures who only care about eating and surviving but creatures who also have spirits and hope for freedoms.. 

I think I can pretty well understand its feeling..

but after all of these we human are the ones who take their freedom and their place of habitation from them

millions (?) of species are disappearing from earth and others are dwindling in their population size..




(I remembered the elephant well because It almost got me lost 

It attracted my eye and I was too absorbed in staring at it,

By the time I remembered, I couldnt find aunt and aunt’s colleagues

I looked around but they were no where to be see. I walked around the area but I couldnt find any one of them..

Just when I was about to cry I saw aunt running back towards me nervously from a crowd, with an anxiety on her face. 


= =I’d never expected myself to be so attracted to an elephant………..





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