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有些朋友 是你一輩子都不想失去的

because they are just worth for u to treasure them..

born in city, being raised up in city. I’d always considered myself as a city person as well.

—until I found out that I don’t have to be.


knowledge = power

Remember the place of where u’r from and the ppl of whom u love, so u wouldnt lose urself on the way through

cant be more proud of him.:) That’s my bro!!

公車上      聽著電話另一邊沅沅彈奏的鋼琴曲

spirited away, pirates of caribbean, 最後是給愛麗絲


很棒很好聽       音符熟練地輕快跳動著

i felt so proud of my brother





明明覺得內心很平靜      一點想哭的情緒都沒有














I miss/love BC


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